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Socializing Through

AI Avatars

We currently have financing needs. If you are interested in our project,
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Create A New Virtual Version Of Yourself!

Use your imagination to create a new Metahuman in a different universe and have free space to display your treasures there!

Share it with your friends.

Create and incubate IP with everyone in the community.

Break the barriers between IP and fans, so that everyone could be a contributor to IP and its content.

Mint Identity tokens without borders.

Digital identity NFT, through DID identity certification, issues exclusive SBT (Soul Bound Token) badges and show your social status.


Curgent Plan
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Main Features:
  • Individual user
  • Limited image transform
  • Limited Drive Voice
  • Kubee Watermark

Most popular



All features from the Free Membership Plan along with the following:
  • Individual user
  • More image transform options
  • More animate Voice options
  • No Watermark
  • Early access to new features

    • Clone your own voice with a small sample (contact us).
    • Unlock more GPT characters and features
    • ...
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  • Eligible users
  • style types transformed for images per month
  • selectable VOICE types For Animate per month
  • Image-Animate Duration Per Month
  • Experience new features first-hand
  • Free
  • Individuals
  • Less than 10
  • Less than 10
  • Less than 10 min
  • Basic
  • Individuals
  • Over 30+ options
  • Over 30+ options
  • Over 10+ min
  • Available

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